DSO Approval

Embrace the unparalleled prowess of the Murshid Interiors team, the unrivaled choice to acquire assistance for DSO approval within the captivating realm of Dubai Silicon Oasis or DSO Authority. Connect with us now to access efficiency and excellence in DSO Approval services.


Dubai Silicon Oasis, known as DSO, was established by the Dubai government in 2004 as a free trade zone. Its core objective was to transform Dubai into a thriving business hub for advanced industries.

Through the provision of enticing incentives and top-notch facilities by the DSO Permit, this technology park has successfully attracted numerous high-tech industries worldwide. Covering an extensive area of 7.2 square kilometers, the Dubai government has made substantial investments in developing exceptional amenities within the zone, making it an irresistibly attractive destination for launching businesses.

Dubai Silicon Oasis DSO Approval in Dubai

With our comprehensive consulting services and expertise in obtaining approvals from central Dubai authorities like DSO Authority, JAFZA Approvals, EMAAR Approval, TRAKHEES Approval, NAKHEEL Approval, and Dubai Municipality, we strive to cater to every aspect of your engineering requirements. Our seamless access to DSO Approval services has garnered many contented clients as we continuously surpass their expectations, forging enduring impressions of our exceptional services.

Why Choose DSO?

Embracing DSO offers a multitude of incentives and advantages. As a high-tech enterprise operating under the umbrella of DSO Authority Approval, you are presented with unparalleled opportunities for growth and acclaim.

Consider the following reasons to establish your business in DSO:

  1. DSO encompasses a comprehensive array of modern facilities essential for high-tech businesses.
  2. The premises boast advanced fire, water, and irrigation systems and a well-established sanitary water network.
  3. The tech park serves as an exceptional gateway to connect with billions of individuals worldwide.
  4. Accurate and transparent documentation of the pool’s cross-sectional specifications, including the slope, is readily available.
  5. DSO imposes no income or corporate tax, allowing businesses to thrive financially.
  6. The tech park provides an efficient E-business system, delivering prompt and seamless services.
  7. Clear and stable rules and regulations govern operations within the tech park, ensuring a conducive business environment.
  8. The licensing process within the tech park is straightforward, accompanied by low operational costs.
  9. Elaborate details are provided on the ladder, skimmer, lint & hair strainer, and diving board.
  10. Visa processing for employees is expedited, ensuring swift and hassle-free procedures.

Documents Required for Initial DSO Approval

To initiate the DSO authority approval process, the following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Letter of Intent: A formal letter expressing your intention to establish a business in DSO.
  2. Manager’s Passport Copy: A copy of the manager’s passport serving as identification.
  3. Freehold/Leasehold Acknowledgment Form: A document verifying the freehold or leasehold status of the property.
  4. Completed Application Form: The official application form was duly filled and submitted.
  5. DED Copy: A copy of the Dubai Economic Department (DED) registration.
  6. Unit Title Deed: The title deed of the unit or property in DSO.
  7. Office Tenancy Contract: A valid contract for the office space in DSO.
  8. Minimum Capital: Proof of minimum capital of AED 100,000, demonstrating financial readiness for business establishment in DSO.

Requesting Infrastructure Services for Electricity and Water Submission

The Infrastructure Department and Information Department empower registered contractors to effortlessly submit online applications for acquiring Electricity and Water Infrastructure Services. While the application submission is free, the actual service incurs a fee. Gaining DEWA Approval can be challenging, as it requires numerous documents and can become a cumbersome process for applicants.

Application for Fit-Out to Obtain DSO Approvals

This service facilitates customers in obtaining a fit-out power connection for their shops and offices, and it comes at no cost.

Building No Objection Certificate (NOC) Application

Applying for this service does not incur any charges, but may involve a fee. Enrolled contractors can obtain an electricity/water NOC (No Objection Certificate) to secure a building permit.

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