Dubai Trakhees Approval

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What is Trakhee’s Approval?

Trakhees Approval is a process implemented by Trakhees, an authority that strives to fulfill the vision outlined in the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021. This vision focuses on continuously enhancing the emirate’s innovative and sustainable economic development. Trakhees plays a vital role in the extensive development of facilities, services, and overall performance within the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation.

trakhees approval Dubai

Trakhees Civil Engineering Services

Planning Services:

● No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Master Plans
● Preparation of Site Plan and Lease Drawings
● NOC for General and Service Authorities
● Demarcation Certificates
● Advertising NOC
● Plot or Right of Way services
● Obtaining or Renewal of Planning General NOC

Permit Services:

● Building Permit issuance
● Change of Consultant-Contractor Procedures
● Concept Design approval
● Consultant Registration
● Demolition and Removal NOC
● Exceptional Study
● General NOC for activities like grading, levelling, shaded parking, landscaping
● General NOC for activities like pole installation, machinery foundations, tower crane, storage tanks, fencing/compound walls
● Mobilization NOC
● New Building System Approval
● Software Approval Procedure
● Suspension of Ongoing Works

Modification Services:

  • Modifications Permit issuance
  • Modification Completion Certificate

Inspection & Compliance Services:

  • Structural Inspections
  • Obtaining Completion Certificate
  • Site Status Inspections
  • Inspection & Compliance Section for Construction Safety
  • NOC for Construction Activities at Night
  • Registration/Renewal of 3rd Party Scaffold Training Providers

Permit Section for Facilities:

● Permit Section for Green Building
● Registration/Renewal of Green Building Consultants & Specialists
● Registration/Renewal of GB Commissioning & Allied Specialists
● Ascertaining EHS Green Building Regulations Applicability to a Project
● NOC-BP Green Building Submission (LEED-based Regulations)
● NOC-BCC Green Building Submission (LEED-based Regulations)
● NOC-BP Green Building Submission (Prescriptive compliance)
● NOC-BCC Green Building Submission (Prescriptive compliance)
● NOC-BP Green Building Submission for Villas
● NOC-BCC Green Building Submission for Villas
● NOC-BP Green Building Submission for Warehouse & Industrial
● NOC-BCC Green Building Submission for Warehouse & Industrial
● Green Building Certifications for New Buildings
● Green Building Certifications for Existing Buildings
These services provided by Trakhees help ensure compliance with regulations and standards and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in construction and development projects.

Trakhees Approval Regulations and Guidelines

Trakhees Approval has implemented regulations and guidelines to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable development in Dubai. These regulations cover various areas, including building design, construction materials, structural requirements, provisions for people with disabilities, services design requirements, urban planning, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) services, and new concrete testing. Here is an overview of trakhees approval regulations and guidelines:

Building Regulation and Design Guidelines:

This guideline specifies the minimum architectural requirements for commercial, residential, and industrial development projects.

Construction Materials and Quality Control Guidelines:

These guidelines focus on ensuring the quality of materials used in construction to meet the required standards and produce high-quality end products.

Building Regulations and Design Guidelines:

These guidelines outline the minimum structural requirements according to Trakhees standards, providing a baseline for technicians involved in building construction.

Regulations and Minimum Provision for People with Disabilities:

This guideline ensures the construction of disability-friendly structures by regulating the minimum requirements for the convenience and safety of people with disabilities.

Building Regulations and Design Guidelines for Services:

This guideline specifies the design requirements for various building services, ensuring their compliance with Trakhees standards.
Urban Planning and MEP Services Regulations and Design Guidelines:
These guidelines align with the developmental concept of the Dubai government, ensuring that structures are built according to the government’s expectations and parameters.

Fresh Concrete Testing in the Field:

This regulation focuses on testing the quality of fresh concrete used in construction to meet international standards and ensure the strength of the structures.
For more information about Trakhees services, visit their official website or contact their office for any specific approval-related inquiries.

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