Dubai Municipility Approval

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Murshid Interior Team is a licensed engineering company based in Dubai, offering top-notch engineering solutions to facilitate obtaining Municipality Approvals in Dubai. Whether you need approval for offices, restaurants, cafeterias, or other establishments, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. We understand the importance of timely DM Approval and work diligently to minimize any potential challenges. Our services extend beyond Dubai Municipality Approval, and we are available year-round to assist you with any other related Murshid Interior you may require. Count on us to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire Dubai state.

What is Dubai Municipality Approval?

Dubai Municipality, also known as DM, offers approval services for building permits and licenses for new construction projects and the redevelopment of existing buildings. This service is available to private and government entities, individuals, and businesses who have proposed building plans. By obtaining DM approval, project stakeholders can ensure compliance with the authority’s standards and guidelines. The approval process covers a wide range of projects, including single and multi-story buildings, industrial structures, villas, and floor ratio areas.

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Why Choose Dubai Municipality?

Office Approval

In accordance with Dubai’s regulations, Dubai Municipality, also known as DM Dubai, oversees the approval process for establishing offices within the Dubai region. Specific requirements and documents must be submitted to obtain Dubai Municipality permit. The initial aspect scrutinized by Dubai Municipality is the building where the office is to be located and the intended purpose of the office. The municipality ensures the legality of the building and verifies the alignment of the office’s intention with the regulations before proceeding to review other required documents.

Restaurant Approval

Obtaining Dubai Municipality Approval for a commercial establishment, such as a restaurant, can be complex. As a licensed engineering company, we specialize in providing comprehensive services to facilitate DM approval, including approvals from the DM Authority’s Food Control Department. Securing the final approval from the Food Control Department before commencing restaurant operations is crucial. Our expertise lies in assisting you with the necessary layout and documentation to meet the requirements and regulations set by the DM Authority, ensuring a smooth approval process for your restaurant venture.

Here are some of the essential prerequisites to obtain restaurant approval:

To obtain restaurant approval, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The restaurant should have floors and ceilings that are easy to clean. The materials should also be fireproof, light-colored, smooth, and non-toxic.
  2. Adequate lighting and ventilation systems should be in place to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for customers and staff.
  3. The restaurant should have a contract with an approved pest control company to maintain hygiene and prevent infestation.
  4. Drainage and water connections should be covered and not visible outside.
  5. The chimney duct in the restaurant must be at least 2 meters higher than the nearest building for proper ventilation.
  6. Tables used in the restaurant should be made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.
  7. Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a designated room to ensure safety.

In addition to office and restaurant approvals, we offer the best engineering solutions for warehouse mezzanines.

DM Approval Building and Construction Services

Dubai Municipality offers a range of services for building and construction approvals. Some of the services provided include:
● Permission to demolish or delist a building located in historic areas
● Evaluation of existing buildings for compliance with the Dubai Universal Design Code.
● Permit for the transfer of sand for construction purposes.
● Permit for self-decoration of buildings.
● Approval for completion of construction and connection to utility services.
● Inspection of the structural integrity of buildings.
● Permit for the construction of boundary walls or fences.
● Approval for issuing a completion certificate for a building with a dispute.
● Permit for making modifications or additions to existing buildings.
● Design and permit services for service blocks in private villas.
● Certificate of no objection for infrastructure projects.
● Approval of drawings for public and private swimming pools.
● License for the installation of roof and/or pole advertisements.
● Certificate of no objection for a good drilling.
● Permit for carrying out construction activities during nighttime.
● Resolution of technical disputes related to construction projects.
● Permit for the supply of sand for construction purposes.
● Copy of approved engineering drawings.
● Provision of temporary electricity supply for construction sites.
● Letter of no objection to adding a new meter or increasing electricity current.
● Approval for the gate level of a building entrance.
● Permit for painting and maintenance activities.
● Extension of the validity period for approved drawings.
● Renewal of a construction license.
● Permit for the construction of a new building.
● Preliminary approval for new buildings, additions, or adjustments.
● Permit for site preparation and excavation.
● Approval for testing samples of construction materials.
● Permit for maintenance of buildings in historic areas.
● Application for approval to design a building in historic areas

We recommend checking the available options for additional assistance regarding different types of Murshid Interior. If you would like to understand the procedure for obtaining DM approval through the Dubai Municipality Portal or DM Dubai, please visit the “Procedure for Getting DM Approvals” section. Moreover, we can provide comprehensive information about all the approvals the Dubai Municipality offers. If you have any inquiries, please contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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