Dubai Tecom and DCCA Approval

Suppose you seek approvals for architectural, structural, and MEP drawings for your residential or commercial projects such as houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, villas, etc. In that case, Murshid Interiors is here to assist you in obtaining TECOM and DCCA approvals. Our team understands the complexities of the approval process and can help save you from the hassle of acquiring individual approval letters from the respective authorities.

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) was established in Dubai to foster the growth and development of creative industries and support Dubai’s innovation strategy. It was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Dubai Studio City, specifically at Commercial Building-2, on the first floor. Since its inception, DCCA has been dedicated to formulating strategies that promote the advancement of knowledge-based industries within Dubai. Additionally, it plays a regulatory role in overseeing various free zone parks in the city.

We also offer assistance in obtaining all the required documents from these authorities through our comprehensive services. With our expertise and engineering support, we strive to provide the most competitive prices in the country. Our commitment is to deliver service excellence and deliver high-quality products. We take great pride in our many years of service and the trust we have earned by consistently upholding these high standards.

Tecom and DCCA Approval in dubai

Documents You Need To Submit:

For Pre-construction:

  • Soil investigation report
  • Soil inspection
  • Review of soil report
  • Design revision
  • Traffic impact study
  • MEP preliminary design
  • Infrastructure work permit
  • Preliminary building permit
  • Final building permits

For Construction:

  • Shoring completion certificate
  • Piling completion certificate
  • Completion of structural inspection
  • Dewatering NOC
  • Final design review – post tension
  • Design revision
  • Road closure/diversion
  • Project safety officer approval
  • Infrastructure work completion certificate

For Post-construction:

  • Fit-out permit
  • Fit-out permit initiation
  • Design revision
  • Facility management service provider

TECOM, previously known as TECOM Group, is a real estate industry in Dubai that collaborates with the Dubai Government to implement new plans and development work. TECOM is focused on 11 sectors in Dubai and has invested over 4.5 billion dollars in establishing smart buildings, creative spaces, and laboratories.

The combined approval process involving both TECOM and DCCA is referred to as Tecom-DCCA approval, and our team is here to assist you with the process.

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