Dubai Smoking Permit

Dubai strictly upholds laws about Smoking to promote a healthy lifestyle within the community. However, if you require smoking approvals in Dubai for your business, allow us to assist you in obtaining the necessary permissions from the relevant authorities effortlessly.

The UAE government is dedicated to transforming Dubai into an exemplary city, with a strong focus on green energy resources and enhanced healthcare for its residents. As part of this commitment, Dubai’s smoking laws are continuously updated to prioritize promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. These measures are crucial, as secondhand Smoking poses a significant risk to non-smokers, and smokers can become a public nuisance in certain situations. At Murshid Interiors, we specialize in acquiring smoking permits for businesses in Dubai. 

According to the Federal Law for Tobacco Control, selling tobacco products to individuals under the age of 20 is strictly prohibited. This regulation protects vulnerable minors from being influenced by this harmful habit and experiencing potential health complications at an early age. Additionally, smoking in a private vehicle is not permitted if a child under the age of 12 is present, ensuring their well-being and safety. Smoking is strictly forbidden in places of worship and in educational, sports, and healthcare facilities.



While businesses can submit Dubai Municipality independently forms in compliance with the smoking regulations set by the Dubai Municipality, it is highly recommended to take the professional route. Opting for professional assistance from us ensures access to unparalleled expertise and extensive knowledge in this field, leading to greater efficiency in the approval process.

High Accuracy

As you may already know, Dubai has stringent smoking laws in place, with regular updates aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life in the city. The Dubai Municipality maintains a strict stance regarding approving applications for Dubai smoking permits. We meticulously review all the information in the application process to ensure the highest accuracy and compliance.

Quick Acceptance

In recent years, there has been a surge in news reports highlighting the closure of shisha cafés in Dubai due to violations of the updated smoking regulations set by the Dubai Municipality. These incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of staying informed and compliant with the evolving regulations.


When it comes to obtaining a smoking permit in Dubai, various Dubai Municipality forms are available to cater to different requirements. At Murshid interiors, we understand the unique needs of each establishment, and we conduct a thorough review of your case to determine the specific type of Smoking permit your business requires. Considering your timeline and particular demands, we meticulously craft a customized application that aligns with your needs.

Our team of experts is well-versed in Dubai Municipality smoking regulations and can provide comprehensive guidance. By availing of our premium services, you can navigate the approval process for a smoking permit in Dubai most conveniently and efficiently.

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