Dubai Signage Authority

We specialize in assisting you with determining the appropriate size, location, nature, and content of your signage to ensure a smooth Dubai Signage approval process without any rejections.

Murshid Interiors is a top engineering company in Dubai that specializes in acquiring signage approvals in dubai within the city. Our experienced specialists are dedicated to assisting you in navigating the process of obtaining signage approval in Dubai. We understand the importance of following the guidelines to ensure a smooth approval process and minimize the chances of rejections.

The authorities in Dubai have a strict policy regarding adherence to guidelines in place for the city’s betterment. At Murshid Interiors, we prioritize compliance with these regulations to avoid unpleasant situations where the government may remove signage due to violations.

With 18+ years of experience acquiring signboard approvals in dubai, we have successfully assisted businesses of all types, from salons to cafes. Our expertise and knowledge of the approval process allow us to guide our clients effectively, ensuring they understand and meet all the necessary regulations for signage approval.

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Guidelines for signage approval

Our knowledgeable professionals emphasize that signboard permits hinges on various factors, including size, location, nature, and content. Safety is paramount, particularly for hoarding boards, which tend to be sizable structures. Without adequate precautions for secure installation, hoarding board approval remains elusive.

 Upholding the principles of public decency and respecting local traditions is a prerequisite per UAE laws, influencing the content allowed on signage. In the context of signage approval in dubai, alignment between the signage’s name and the company’s name in the DMCC Trade License is essential.

To mitigate light pollution and minimize the disturbance caused by excessive illumination, signboard approval is not granted to those whose signage poses a nuisance to neighboring properties. Additionally, ensuring fire safety is crucial, necessitating non-combustible materials and concealed electrical components insulated from public view. 

When seeking signage approval, the application must explicitly detail the materials used, lighting specifications, and dimensions. Acquiring the relevant No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the building owner or developer, alongside the Permit to Work, is also a prerequisite.

Why is Murshid Interior ideal for signage approvals?

Rely on our expertise and dedication to deliver top-notch signboard approval services with the utmost professionalism. With our extensive knowledge and experience in acquiring various permits, including hoarding board approval, we guarantee a smooth and successful application process. Murshid Interiors renowned for its efficiency and ability to meet tight signage deadlines.

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