Dubai Development Authority Approval

When it comes to construction, obtaining Dubai Development Authority approval (DDA Dubai) is mandatory. Murshid Interiors excels at facilitating the swift acquisition of DDA approval, ensuring a seamless process for you.

Obtain official DDA approval for your business operations and building permit procedures in Dubai through the expertise of the our Team. Our dedicated team consistently enhances our Interior Decor services, catering to clients seeking DDA approval in Dubai. We directly connect with the Dubai Development Authority (DDA) to facilitate zoning approvals for master planning and building services on your behalf. Dubai’s government strongly supports the private sector and has implemented a well-structured system to manage it.

What is Dubai Development Authority or DDA Approval?

Dubai Development Authority, formerly known as Dubai Creative Cluster Authority, is the regulatory entity overseeing various free zones, business parks, and clusters specializing in diverse industries within Dubai. These clusters and industries concur with DDA approval standards and regulations, particularly in building and construction. The stringent implementation of these standards ensures the establishment of a professional environment for ventures, facilitating collaboration opportunities with global industry leaders. All clusters under DDA Dubai’s jurisdiction work harmoniously to create an efficient and collaborative ecosystem for business startups, building constructions, and developments.

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Why Choose Dubai Development Authority Approvals ( DDA Dubai )?

DDA Approval Main Services

Master Planning

After our team of professionals has assisted you in obtaining DDA Approval for your master plans, we can proceed with the post-master plan permits. The zoning approval process in Dubai may vary depending on the type, but rest assured, we have you covered in this regard. This stage holds the utmost significance for our clients, as it determines the future of their projects. Therefore, we meticulously pay attention to every detail. Please share any concerns you may have before we submit the application. This is to reassure you because once the master planning permit application has been submitted for DDA approval, no further edits can be made. We are here to assist you with any permits required for modifications you wish to make to your master plans.

Master Plan

Post Master Plan

Zoning Services

Murshid Interiors Team is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining the necessary zoning permits for your master plans and construction projects within the jurisdiction of DDA Dubai. Our primary goal is to ensure a streamlined process and consistent timeframe for clients involved in building services and master plan development. We understand the criticality of timely DDA approval and its impact on your projects. Hence, we promptly take action and submit your application after conducting a thorough review process. Our efficient approach aims to facilitate a smooth and efficient approval process for your zoning permits.

Building Service

Building Modification and Fit-out Services

DDA Building Approvals

Prior to commencing any building construction in Dubai, Murshid Interiors Team (DAT) can assist you in obtaining DDA approval. Our team of experts is well-versed in handling applications for specific zoning approvals in Dubai, encompassing various aspects from environmental considerations to architectural requirements. As the construction progresses, you may find the need for building permit procedures to accommodate modifications and design changes at different stages. With years of experience in securing approvals for building services and fit-out permits, our professionals are adept at efficiently navigating the approval process on behalf of our valued clients who rely on our expertise.

Standard Document Requirements for DDA Approval

To facilitate the Dubai Development Authority permit, the following documents are typically required:

  1. A comprehensive application form with all necessary details completed accurately.
  2. A copy of the trade license or non-occupancy letter to verify the business’s legal status.
  3. A copy of the EJARI registration validates the property’s tenancy agreement.
  4. A NOC issued by the landlord, building owner, developer, or property management, indicating their consent for the proposed project.
  5. A letter confirming the appointment of the contractor responsible for the construction project.
  6. Copies of the tenancy contract and/or title deed for the property in question.
  7. Detailed drawings and plans illustrating the proposed construction project, including architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical methods.
  8. Approved documents and drawings from the Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) ensuring compliance with fire and safety regulations.
  9. Review and approve drawings and plans by the DDA or Tecom, ensuring adherence to their specific guidelines and standards.

Common Required Drawings

When applying for DDA approval, the following drawings are commonly required:

  1. An overview plan indicating the location and orientation of the proposed project within the site.
  2. A detailed plan depicting the current layout and dimensions of the existing floor.
  3. A comprehensive plan showcasing the proposed layout, including room sizes, walls, doors, and windows.
  4. A diagram specifying the types of flooring materials and their placement within the project.
  5. A plan illustrating the design and placement of ceilings, including lighting fixtures and ventilation systems.
  6. A detailed representation of the ceiling layout as seen from a reflective surface, provides a comprehensive view of the ceiling design.
  7. A plan indicating the proposed arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment within the project.
  8. A cross-sectional view of the proposed project, displays the vertical elements, such as walls, floors, and ceilings.

You can rely on Murshid Interior Team (DAT) to handle the submission of your DDA approval applications. Contact us now for assistance!

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