DEWA Approval

We’re here for you to ensure you have round-the-clock access to water and electricity. Contact the Murshid Interior Team to apply for DEWA Application and DEWA Approval services. Experience the convenience of 24/7 utility services.

Murshid Interiors, headquartered in Dubai, offers Engineering services for obtaining all approvals, including DEWA permit. Our team of professionals ensures the smooth acquisition of DEWA Approvals for residential and commercial water and electricity requirements. Trust our expertise for hassle-free approvals.

What is Dewa?

DEWA stands for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It is a public corporation established on 1 January 1992, responsible for various aspects of the utility sector, including energy generation, intelligent homes, extensive data management, and resolving challenges while creating new opportunities.

DEWA is the sole electricity, sewerage, and water services provider in Dubai. As of April 2015, DEWA had achieved an electricity capacity of 9,656 MW and 470 million gallons of desalinated water per day, with plans to increase it to over 10,000 MW by 2018.

DEWA has also embraced solar power and is constructing a solar plant with a capacity of 800 MW, set to complete by 2020. Additionally, DEWA has an ambitious plan to establish a 250 MW pumped-storage hydroelectricity project in Hatta. With over 9,000 employees, DEWA serves more than 600,000 electricity and 500,000 water customers.

Dewa Approval

Why Choose DEWA?

DEWA envisions a Sustainable, Innovative, World-Class Utility, prioritizing world-class customer service. In line with this objective, DEWA has introduced new guidelines for NOC submission under DEWA approval, designed explicitly for Dubai Electricity and Water Customers. Let’s explore one of the approvals offered through the DEWA Approval application:

Building NOC: DEWA provides this service at no cost for the application, although applicable charges may exist. The Building NOC enables registered contractors to obtain electricity/water NOCs required for issuing building permits. It streamlines the process, ensuring efficient permit issuance and smooth project execution.

DEWA Application for Electricity or Water Connection

This service facilitates customers in obtaining electricity or water connections. Customers can complete a detailed DEWA application form through the ‘One Window System’ using their User ID and Password by accessing this service. The DEWA authority will review the application to confirm DEWA Approval. The application service is entirely free of charge, while the service itself may incur charges.

Fit-Out Application Submission for DEWA Approval

This service lets customers obtain a fit-out power connection for their shops and offices. The application process for this service is also free of charge.

Infrastructure Request Submission for Electricity and Water

Enrolled contractors in Dubai can use the user-friendly online application system provided by the Infrastructure and Information Department to initiate requests for essential electricity and water infrastructure services. While the application process is conveniently free of charge, there might be associated costs related to the service provision. However, navigating the labyrinthine process of obtaining DEWA approval can often evolve into a complex and time-consuming endeavor, demanding the meticulous submission of an array of intricate documents. Enter the Interior Decor Team – your solution to simplify and expedite the often detailed process of securing DEWA approval. 

Our team comprises seasoned professionals adept at seamlessly managing the multifaceted aspects of approval acquisition. With a track record of excellence, we’re committed to ensuring the expeditious acquisition of all indispensable DEWA approvals within an impressively short span of just a few days. However, our expertise extends beyond DEWA approvals. Recognizing the multifarious nature of blessings in Dubai’s dynamic landscape, we offer a comprehensive suite of approval services catering to diverse project needs. 

When you entrust your approval journey to us, you’re placing your faith in a partner dedicated to streamlining your path, providing solutions that are not just efficient but also dependable. Elevate your approval experience with the Murshid Interiors Team, where complexity meets competence and timeliness meets trust. Let us be the conduit through which your projects receive the green light they deserve, ensuring you’re empowered to focus on what truly matters – the realization of your creative visions.

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