Decor Permit Dubai

If you seek engineering consultation to Decor Permit Dubai, you come to the right place. Murshid Interiors Team is here to help you acquire Decor Permit Dubai. effortlessly.

Murshid Interiors Team warmly welcomes you to our comprehensive range of engineering consultation and Interior Design services. We specialize in assisting clients with approvals from various authorities in the U.A.E., including Decor Permit Dubai

Whatever you plan to do, there is a certain process to it and Dubai Government has its own laws to carry on any Decor work. From the very starting, you need to adhere to those laws and the very initial stage is to get your Decor permit approved.

Decor permit dubai

Planning to renovate or spruce up your property in Dubai?

Don’t forget to obtain a decor permit from the Dubai Municipality! This essential permit ensures your project adheres to safety regulations and building codes. Obtaining a decor permit is a straightforward process, and Murshid Interiors will walk you through the requirements, application steps, and everything you need to know to get started.

To successfully obtain a Decor Permit in Dubai, it’s advisable to enlist the services of established professional company like Murshid Interiors. Our company specialize in Authority Approvals application process. Before visiting, you must gather and bring several crucial documents that are required for the permit application.

Documents Required ​

Here’s a list of the important documents required to obtain a decor permit in Dubai:

  • Detailed project plans outlining the proposed construction or decoration work.
  • Property ownership records demonstrating ownership or authorization to make modifications.
  • Identification documents of the property owner, such as a passport or Emirates ID.
  • Architectural and engineering drawings detailing the scope and specifications of the planned modifications.
  • Any additional documentation specific to the nature of the proposed work, as requested by the authorities..

Why Use US?

Murshid Interiors specializes in commercial fit-out works for Offices, Restaurants, Café Shops, and more. Murshid Interiors has its team of experts in their field. We are contractors with design-and-build Capabilities and have a habit of improvising our quality, cost, and professional ethics to meet our clients’ expectations.

We specialize in the Design & Build Projects, Turnkey contracting, and General Contracting, and our services include execution and handover of projects to clients along with required approval from various agencies. So our client does not lose their hard-earned money in technical parameters and standards. Low Operation cost helps clients to get the best in the market and on time.

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