Fit Out in Dubai? Expert Tips to Find the Right Company

Dubai’s interior fit out industry has grown substantially in recent years, driven by strong economic growth and a boom in commercial and residential construction. As companies seek to create unique and visually stunning office spaces, and individuals aim to design luxury homes, the demand for high-quality fit outs has increased.

Dubai’s reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative city has also led many businesses and residents to push the boundaries of interior design. They use the latest trends, materials, and technologies to create customized interiors that reflect their brand or personal tastes.

This has fueled the need for experienced fit out companies in dubai who can turn visions into reality. While the industry has expanded rapidly, it remains highly competitive. Finding the right company for a fit-out project is essential to ensure the work is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.

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Understand Your Requirements

Before hiring a fit-out company, it’s crucial to understand your requirements and goals for the project clearly. Take time to think through what you want to achieve from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Consider elements like:

  • Intended purpose and activities for the space. Will it be used for offices, retail, healthcare, hospitality, etc.? What work flows or tasks need to be supported?

  • Type of interiors and overall style desired. Do you have a specific look and feel in mind? Traditional, modern, minimalist? Identify any must-have design elements.

  • Space planning and layout. How many private offices, conference rooms, open collaboration areas, etc, are needed? Draw up a rough floor plan sketch.

  • Fixtures, furniture, lighting, and equipment needs. Make a list of everything that needs to be incorporated into the space.

  • Budget. Set expectations on overall project costs and how much is allocated to fit out.

  • Timing. When do you need the project completed? Factor in reasonable timeframes.

Communicating this vision and requirements will help potential fit out firms understand your goals and propose solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Taking time upfront to plan project details comprehensively will ensure you have a space that functions effectively and aligns with your aspirations.

Get Recommendations

Getting recommendations from people you know and trust is one of the best ways to find a reputable fit out company in Dubai. Start by asking colleagues, friends, or business contacts if they have recently worked with a fit-out firm they were happy with.

Explain that you want to hire a company to design and construct the interior fit for your new office. Ask if they can recommend companies that did a great job on their office fit out or retail store project.

People are usually happy to share referrals and reviews of vendors they had a good experience with. Their insights can help you create a shortlist of potential fit out firms to interview. They may advise you on companies to avoid as well.

Getting recommendations from other businesses in your field or industry is especially valuable. They understand the type of design, functionality, and branding you want to achieve. Their referrals will likely be companies experienced in delivering fit outs for your kind of company.

Leverage your professional and social networks both online and offline to get referrals. Ask in relevant LinkedIn groups, business associations, or your local Chamber of Commerce. You can get helpful recommendations to help find an interior fit out firm that is a good match for your project requirements and budget.

Check Credentials

When evaluating potential fit-out companies, verifying their credentials is essential. This includes reviewing their licenses, accreditations, certifications, and overall experience.


  • In Dubai, fit out contractors must be licensed by the Dubai Economic Department. Ask for a valid trade license allowing the company to operate in interior fit outs.

  • Contractors should also have a valid membership with industry associations like the Interior Designers Society or the British Institute of Interior Design. These help ensure that the company follows industry standards and best practices.


  • Look for ISO certifications (like ISO 9001) that indicate a company’s commitment to quality management systems.

  • Seek contractors accredited by the Safe Contractor scheme, which does health and safety assessments.


  • Ask how long the company has been in business, specifically doing fit-outs in Dubai. Look for 5+ years of experience in the region.

  • Request examples of their past fit out projects, especially ones similar to yours in size and scope. An extensive portfolio indicates capability.

  • Inquire about their team’s credentials – do they have certified interior designers, architects, and project managers? The right expertise improves delivery.

Vetting credentials thoroughly ensure you work with a qualified, experienced fit-out firm in Dubai. Feel free to ask for documentation and proof.

Review Past Projects

A fit out company’s past projects and portfolio will give you a good indication of their capabilities and experience. When reviewing their portfolio, look for projects similar in size and scope to yours. Pay attention to the design aesthetic, materials’ quality, space functionality, and how well the project aligns with the client’s vision.

Request to see a detailed portfolio highlighting the company’s best work. Look for crisp, high-quality photos that allow you to visualize the spaces. Pay special attention to before and after shots to evaluate the extent of the company’s work. A strong portfolio should showcase their design skills and ability to meet client objectives within budget and timeline constraints.

Along with the visual portfolio, request client testimonials and references. Speaking with past clients can provide valuable insights into what it was like to work with the company. Ask about their responsiveness, communication style, problem-solving abilities, and how well they delivered on the promised design. Good fit out companies should have multiple glowing testimonials that speak to the quality of their work and professionalism. Beware of companies unwilling to provide references or who only have a limited number of testimonials.

Reviewing past work and client feedback will reveal a lot about a company’s track record. A robust portfolio of attractive, high-quality fit outs and enthusiastic testimonials is a good sign that you’ve found the right partner for your project.

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Interview Potential Companies

When interviewing fit out companies, you’ll want to discuss the specifics of your project and understand how they would approach your unique needs. Come prepared with questions that address your timeline, budget, design preferences, and overall vision.

Ask the company to walk you through their process and typical timelines for projects similar to yours. Make sure to inquire about how they collaborate with clients through each stage, from initial design to final punch list. You’ll want to understand how they listen to feedback and incorporate your wishes.

Some key questions to ask potential fit out firms:

  • How do you gather requirements and ideas during the initial planning?

  • Do you provide 3D renderings and visual materials as the design progresses?

  • How many revisions are typically included?

  • What is your change order process if I alter plans mid-project?

  • What is your communication style during the buildout phase? How often will we chat?

  • How do you keep projects on budget and schedule?

  • What challenges have you encountered on projects like mine, and how did you address them?

  • Can you share photographs of recent projects with similar budgets and scopes?

  • What is your quality control process as the project nears completion?

By discussing your unique vision and their specific process in-depth, you’ll get a good sense of the company is a good fit for bringing your office or retail space to life. Ensure you feel comfortable with their approach and confident they can deliver within your timeframe and budget constraints before moving forward.

Compare Quotes

Once you’ve narrowed your list to a few potential fit out companies, the next step is to get quotes from 3-5 of them. Getting multiple quotes serves several purposes:

  • It allows you to compare prices for the same work. Ensure all the quotes cover the exact scope of work so you compare apples to apples.

  • It gives you a sense of what’s reasonable to pay for your project. If one quote seems exceptionally high or low compared to the others, find out why.

  • It shows which companies are hungry for your business and willing to be competitive on pricing. While you don’t want to choose based on price alone, a company that offers sharp pricing may be helpful to negotiate even lower.

  • It allows you to evaluate how professionally and comprehensively each company handles the quoting process. A detailed quote shows they have expertise and experience in pricing fit outs.

When reviewing the quotes, look at the total cost and the itemized breakdown. Make sure you understand what is included and excluded. Ask questions if anything needs to be clarified.

While cost often weighs heavily in selecting a fit out company, don’t decide based on price alone. You want the best value for money, not necessarily the cheapest option. Thoroughly evaluate each company’s experience, reputation, services, and project approach before deciding.

Getting multiple quotes takes extra time upfront but gives you crucial information to make the right choice. Comparing detailed quotes from reputable companies will lead to hiring the best fit out partner for your project and budget.

Verify References

Speaking with a fit out company’s past clients is one of the most critical steps before signing a contract. These references can provide first-hand accounts of what it was like to work with the company on previous projects.

When checking references, ask the past clients questions like:

  • Were you satisfied with the completed work?

  • Did the company finish the project on time and within budget?

  • How did they handle any problems or delays that came up?

  • Would you hire this company again for future projects?

Pay attention to how responsive and transparent the company is in providing references. Reputable fit out firms should have no issue connecting you with previous clients willing to vouch for them.

This could be a red flag if a company hesitates to provide references or only supplies contact info for a few upbeat reviews. The more consistent positive feedback you can gather from past clients, the more confidence you can have in the company’s track record.

Speaking to references is a chance to go beyond credentials and ensure you’ll receive the same service and quality that satisfied past clients. Their experiences can help confirm that you’re making the right choice.

Align on Timeline

Before hiring a fit out company, make sure you align with them on the project timeline. Having a clear schedule and timeline set from the beginning will help ensure the project stays on track.

Discuss with the company:

  • When they can start the project

  • How long each stage of the project will take

  • Key milestones and expected completion dates

  • How they will communicate with you throughout the project

  • What could potentially delay the project and how to mitigate risks

A detailed project schedule is essential for you and the fit out company to manage expectations. Unexpected delays can happen, but aligning on a timeline upfront minimizes miscommunications and frustration later on.

Ensure the company can commit to the proposed timeline before signing a contract. Get the timeline in writing so you can hold the company accountable. If specific deadlines are critical for opening a new office or upcoming events, communicate this.

Having an agreed-upon schedule will set your fit-out project up for success from the start.

Sign Contract

The final step is thoroughly reviewing and signing the contract with your chosen fit-out company. Be sure to read through all the terms and conditions closely closely. Ensure the contract outlines the expected timeline, exact scope of work, materials used, and payment schedule.

  • Clearly define payment milestones tied to completing certain stages of the project. Never pay 100% upfront.

  • Require lien waivers from subcontractors so you don’t get stuck paying a bill if the general contractor fails to pay them.

  • Make sure there are clauses for dispute resolution and penalties if the work is not completed on time.

  • Require the company to carry adequate insurance and verify their coverage.

  • Understand any warranty terms on materials and labor. A 1-year warranty is typical.

  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs if it still needs to be provided.

  • Negotiate any terms you are uncomfortable with before signing.

Only sign the contract if you fully understand and agree to all the terms. This protects you and the fit out company so there are no surprises down the road. Taking the time to sign an appropriate contract properly leads to a smoother project.

The purpose of an office fit out is to efficiently tailor the interior environment to support the tenant’s business operations, brand identity, and work culture. The fit out allows companies to plan their office layouts for improved workflow strategically, create spaces that reflect their image and values, and provide an ergonomic and appealing environment for employees. High-quality fit outs can boost productivity, morale, collaboration, and recruitment. For growing companies, fit outs offer the flexibility to modify and expand spaces cost-effectively.

Popular Areas for Offices in Dubai

Dubai has numerous business districts and popular locations for company offices. Some of the top areas include:

  • Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – This area is Dubai’s premier financial hub with high-end office towers and amenities. DIFC is home to many central banks, investment firms, law practices, and more. 

  • Downtown Dubai – With iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai is a prestigious business address. Offices here are close to shops, restaurants, and hotels. 

  • Business Bay – An up-and-coming free zone district with new office towers along the Dubai Water Canal. 

  • Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City – These two areas are significant hubs for tech companies, media firms, and startups seeking modern workspaces. 

  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) – A popular community for companies looking for contemporary offices and reasonable rents. 

  • Dubai Knowledge Park – An area tailored for educational institutes, training centers, and tech companies. 

All of these areas offer great accessibility via major roads and highways, plus amenities like restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets nearby. Choosing the right location depends on your budget and industry.

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Finding Office Fit out Companies

For businesses in Dubai looking to get office fit out services, there are a few main ways to find and select companies that can help with your office design and renovation needs.

Online Directories and Search Engines

One of the most popular starting points is using online directories that list office fit out company and interior design companies in Dubai. For example, the Dubai Yellow Pages has a category specifically for office fit-outs where you can browse and find companies. Search engines like Google can also be helpful by searching for terms like “office fit out companies in dubai” or “office interior design Dubai.” This allows you to see the websites and portfolios of various providers.

Get Referrals and Recommendations

Speaking to business contacts and colleagues in Dubai is often one of the best ways to find office fit out companies. You can get first-hand referrals and recommendations for firms that have done high-quality work for other offices. People you know and trust can provide insights into their experience working with specific interior design and fit out companies. This can help narrow down the options and give you an idea of reputable companies to consider hiring.

Leveraging online resources, referrals, and recommendations effectively creates a shortlist of potential office fit out companies in Dubai to evaluate further and choose from. Make sure to review portfolios, experience, capabilities, and costs closely.

Major Office Fit out Companies

Dubai is home to numerous office fit out companies that cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Here are profiles of some of the leading fit out providers in the emirate:


Greenspace is one of Dubai’s top office fit out companies, having delivered over 500 projects in the UAE. They provide design, fit out construction, joinery, and furniture supply for offices, retail spaces, and more. Greenspace has fitted out many renowned offices in Dubai, including Emirates NBD, HSBC, and Mubadala. They are known for their high quality fit outs using sustainable materials.

FWC International

FWC International has over 20 years of experience in office fit outs in Dubai. They provide design, procurement, construction, and project management services for commercial interiors. Some of their major clients include Dubai Holding, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dnata. FWC delivers modern designs tailored to each client’s requirements and budget. They have in-house design, engineering, and project management teams.

Murshid Interiors

Murshid Interiors is a well-established interior design company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They boast over 18 years of experience transforming residential and commercial spaces into beautiful, functional, and elegant environments. Their skilled designers, engineers, and specialists work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, creating custom designs that reflect their style and personality.

Office Plus

Office Plus creates modern, design-led office interiors for companies in Dubai. They offer space planning, design, fit out, and furniture supply for contemporary office spaces. Office Plus delivers turnkey fit out solutions tailored to clients’ needs while meeting project timelines and budgets. Some of their major clients include HSBC, Oracle, and Landmark Group. Their fit out portfolio covers industries ranging from finance to technology and retail.

Fit out Design and Planning

Designing an office fit-out begins with developing a floor plan and layout tailored to the company’s needs. This involves evaluating how employees work and interact so the space promotes productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

Some key considerations for space planning include:

  • Accommodating team sizes and department functions

  • Allowing for areas to collaborate and socialize

  • Optimizing employee workflows and movement between spaces

  • Incorporating private offices, conference rooms, phone booths

  • Providing space for amenities like kitchens, printing stations

Choosing the right furniture, lighting, and tech is crucial for creating a functional and comfortable workspace. Ergonomic desks, chairs, and monitor setups ensure employees avoid strain and injuries. Mixing individual desk lamps with overhead lighting creates a balance of ambient and task lighting. AV systems, video conferencing tools, and other tech allow seamless collaboration and communication.

Other design factors involve selecting interior finishes, colors, and branding elements that reflect the company’s culture and values. Engaging employees during the design process to gather input can also improve office satisfaction. With carefully planning the physical space and features, an office fit out can maximize productivity.

Fit out Services and Capabilities

A quality office fit-out requires expertise across numerous disciplines and services. The top office fit out companies in Dubai have in-house teams that can seamlessly handle all aspects of the fit out project. Here are some of the critical services and capabilities to look for:


The construction team handles all structural build-outs and modifications, building walls, doors, ceilings, floors, and more per the fit-out design. Based on the fit-out plans and drawings, experienced construction crews can quickly and accurately transform a space into functional offices.


Joinery refers to the cabinetry, furniture, and finely detailed woodwork within the office space. This includes reception desks, office furniture, pantries, conference tables, custom wood features, and other specialty wood elements designed for the space. Professional joiners and carpenters will precisely build these bespoke elements.


MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. The MEP team handles all installation and integration of electrical systems, wiring, lighting, HVAC systems, fire detection and suppression systems, plumbing, and more. The MEP fit out creates a comfortable, safe, and functional workspace.

Project Management

A dedicated project manager oversees the entire office fit out, coordinating between teams, managing budgets and timelines, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections, and ensuring the project stays on track for on-time completion. The project manager is the main point of contact for the client throughout the process.


Part of project management is obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from the appropriate Dubai authorities before the fit out work begins. Depending on the building and office location, this includes licenses from DMCC, Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality, and other relevant entities. The fit out company should be experienced in obtaining permits.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Fit out Company in Dubai

When selecting an office fit out company in Dubai, there are several important factors to take into account:


One of the most critical considerations is your budget. Office fit outs can range greatly in price depending on factors like the size of your office, design complexity, types of materials used, and more. Be sure to get quotes from multiple vendors to compare pricing. Have a clear budget in mind before starting the process.


How quickly do you need the project completed? Office fit outs take time for design, planning, procurement of materials, installation, and more. Understand the vendor’s current workload and ability to complete the fit out within your required timeline. Rush jobs typically cost more.

Services Needed

Determine what services you require from the fit out firm. Some companies offer design and project management, while others mainly focus on installation. Know what parts of the process you want to be handed in and which you may do in-house.

Style, Branding, and Sustainability

Consider your new office space’s aesthetic style, corporate branding elements, sustainability features, and overall vision. Look for vendors who can bring your goals to life. Ask for examples of past fit out projects to assess their design skills and capabilities.

By evaluating these key factors, you’ll be able to select the right office fit out company in Dubai to create a workspace aligned with your needs, budget, and vision. Defining these criteria upfront will help the process go smoothly.

Fit out Costs

The cost of an office fit out project in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. However, most industry experts estimate average fit out costs between AED 300 and 800 per square foot.

The main factors that influence overall office fit out costs include:

  • Location – Fit outs in prime or free zone areas like Downtown Dubai, DIFC, and Dubai Internet City are more expensive than other parts of the city due to higher rental costs.

  • Fit out Scope – The more extensive the fit out design, with high-end finishes, furniture, and technology, the higher the cost per square foot. Simple fit-outs with standard finishes are cheaper.

  • Building Category – Fit outs for newer high-rise towers and Grade A buildings cost more than older properties.

  • Fit out Firm – Established firms with large portfolios charge higher fees and margins. Smaller boutique firms can provide more competitive pricing.

  • Customizations – Any unique or bespoke design elements, custom joinery, art installations, etc, can increase project costs.

  • Size – Larger office fit out projects tend to achieve better economies of scale and lower per-square-foot costs. Smaller units have higher relative costs.

  • LEED/Sustainability – Eco-friendly fit-outs with LEED or WELL certification have added costs for required materials, systems, and processes.

Considering these factors when budgeting and planning an office fit out in Dubai can help create a more accurate estimate of potential costs. Comparing quotes between several reputable fit out firms is also advisable.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit out Firm

When searching for an office fit out company in Dubai, it’s essential to do your research to find a reputable provider that matches your requirements and budget.

Here are some tips:

  • Check reviews and references. Look online for client testimonials and reviews. Ask the company for references you can contact. This will give you a sense of their reputation and the quality of their previous work.

  • Compare multiple proposals. Get quotes and proposals from at least three fit-out firms before deciding. Compare the design plans, scope of work, timeframes, materials, and costs. This will help you find the best value.

  • Look for experience. Choose a company with extensive experience designing and building office fit outs in Dubai. They will understand how to optimize the space and workflow. Ask about their portfolio of past projects.

  • Meet the project team. Have an initial consultation to meet the designers, project managers, etc., who will work on your fit out. This ensures you can collaborate effectively.

  • Check capabilities. Make sure the company offers all the services you need, whether design, demolition, construction, IT, furniture supply, etc.

  • Understand the process. Ask the company to explain their entire process so you know what to expect. A detailed plan will instill confidence in their professionalism.

  • Get complete quotes. The proposal should cover all aspects of the project and provide a total cost estimate, avoiding surprise add-ons later.

You can find the right partner to bring your vision to life by carefully vetting and comparing office fit-out firms.


Choosing the right office fit out company in Dubai is an important decision that can significantly impact your business. When selecting a provider, consider their experience, capabilities, design expertise, and costs. Narrow the options by getting quotes from reputable companies that have delivered successful fit-outs for other clients.

Visit their showrooms and assess examples of their work to get a feel for their design talents. Look for providers that offer end-to-end fit out services, from space planning to furnishing and installation. This ensures a smooth and coordinated process. Discuss your business needs in detail so they can recommend solutions tailored to your requirements and budget.

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