Dubai Food Control Department Approval

For seamless import and export of foodstuffs in Dubai, we provide top-notch approval services for obtaining Food Control Department at Murshid Interior. Simplify the process and ensure compliance with our expert assistance.

Dubai is a central global hub for foodstuff import and export. The Food Control Department Dubai ensures compliance with food safety protocols and strives to enhance assessment procedures for traders. Obtaining Food Control Department approvals can take time and effort.

Murshid Interior Team is here to simplify the approval process for you. Our highly skilled team provides exceptional services to help you obtain approvals from various Dubai authorities, including Dubai Municipality, Food Control Department Dubai, Dubai Civil Defense, Trakhees, TCOM, Nakheel, SAFFA, and Emaar.

Our outstanding administration and customer service have earned us loyal clients that many organizations take years to acquire. Trust us to navigate the complexities and make your approval journey hassle-free.

Murshid Interior Team simplifies the approval process. Our skilled team assists you in obtaining approvals from Dubai authorities such as Dubai Municipality, Food Control Department Dubai, Dubai Civil Defence, Trakhees, TCOM, Nakheel, SAFFA, Emaar, and more. Count on us for efficient and effective services.

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Food Control Department Approval Dubai

Restaurant or Cafeteria Approval

Starting a restaurant as an individual in Dubai can be challenging, especially when obtaining Dubai Food Control Department permit. Murshid Interior Team, an approved engineering company, can assist you in preparing the necessary layout to ensure a smooth approval process from the Food Control Department Dubai.

To obtain restaurant or cafeteria approval, it is essential to ensure certain factors are taken care of:

● Easy cleaning: Ensure the floor, ceiling, and walls are easily cleanable with light-colored, fireproof, and non-toxic materials.
● Proper drainage and ventilation: Install a reliable drainage system and ensure adequate ventilation to maintain a comfortable and safe environment.
● Pest control contract: Have a signed agreement with an approved pest control company.
● Concealed connections: Ensure that drainage and water connections are underground and not visible to guests.
● Smoke control: Design the restaurant or cafeteria so that smoke does not enter neighboring buildings, keeping it at least 2 meters higher than adjacent structures.
● Hygiene and cleanliness: Maintain a tidy appearance, with tables free from stains.
● Storage for cleaning chemicals: Allocate a separate storeroom for storing cleaning chemicals.
● Complying with these requirements is essential to secure restaurant or cafeteria approval.

Murshid Interior Team understands the challenges in obtaining approvals for services in Dubai, particularly for new investors and individuals. With our highly experienced staff, we provide direct and comprehensive information about the approval process to our clients. We aim to offer well-strategized and simplified explanations, making the entire process hassle-free. If you’re looking for the best services in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to assist you with a smile.

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